Koa™ Artificial Intelligence

Get actionable, data-driven insights for smarter, more cost-effective campaigns

Today, you have more data at your disposal than ever before. But all that information only has value if you know how to analyze it and apply it to your campaigns. Do you know where to start?

With Koa, you don’t have to. Our powerful predictive engine scans our platform’s sprawling data set — nearly nine million impression opportunities every second — to help make your campaigns more accurate and efficient. And because every action Koa takes is completely visible in the platform, it’s easy to understand and learn from each optimization and update it makes. 

What is Koa?

Koa is our artificial intelligence engine. It analyzes data from across the internet to help make sure you’re reaching the right audience at the right price. As Koa learns, it surfaces real-time recommendations to help improve campaign performance. Or, set it on auto and let Koa optimize your campaigns for you.

AI is only as intelligent as the data it’s built on

When you use Koa, you’re tapping in to data analyzed from over 600 billion queries each day — more than 100x the volume of global search.

Navigate a complex marketplace. Take the guesswork out of creating and optimizing campaigns with new audience insights and real-time recommendations.

Never pay more than the market demands. Koa analyzes historical clearing prices across first-price auction environments to choose the optimal bid for each impression.

Reach your audience across more devices. Koa automatically selects the best cross-device vendor, giving you the combined strength of The Trade Desk’s vendor marketplace.