Advanced TV

In the old days, a single TV ad could reach millions of viewers. Now, people are watching TV in all kinds of ways—and in all kinds of places. Some still have TV screens in their living rooms, but more and more are watching on their phones, tablets, and computers. Even though viewership gets more fragmented every day, you still need to reach them.

That’s where we come in.

At the Trade Desk, we bring the pinpoint accuracy of digital advertising to television. The result? An advertising program that reaches your viewers wherever they are, however they’re watching, on whatever device they’re using.

It’s still television. But it’s more than you ever imagined.

Digital TV

We help you put your ad in front of all TV viewers, regardless of how they’re watching their shows. And we make sure you reach the right people—at any point in the customer journey.

Connected TV

Not all cord cutters have left their living rooms. Many have kept their big screen TVs and use over-the-top (OTT) connected devices to make sure they don’t miss out on appointment television. We can make sure you reach these viewers through our partnerships with OTT content providers like A&E, Scripps, and Sony’s Crackle.

Programmatic Linear TV

Reach your entire audience, including viewers who are watching broadcast TV. Our self-service, automated Programmatic TV service enables you to target beyond basic demographic data. Integrations with leading linear television data providers like comScore/Rentrak, WideOrbit, and SQUAD, mean you can handpick programs, configure day-parts and efficiently bid on commercial slots.

Lookalike Modeling for TV

At the Trade Desk, our goal is to put your ad in front of the people you want to reach, no matter the channel. That’s why we offer automated Lookalike Modeling that profiles the audiences on your website to make recommendations on your television buys. With your digital and television advertising run through the same platform, you can compare the viewers you’re reaching with those you want to reach—and know how to get even closer. You’ll save money, speak to the right audience, and grow your brand.


TV の測定および最適化

The Trade Desk は Nielsen DAR および comScore vCE とパートナーシップを組むことで、GRP やオンターゲットの配信率など、Advanced TVのキャンペーン において最も重要な指標が測定可能です。