May 17, 2017

Trade Desk、IAB Tech LabのAds.txtイニシアチブをサポート。偽造デジタル広告インベントリを排除し、不正販売を防止

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 17, 2017) - The Trade Desk, Inc. ( NASDAQ : TTD ), a global technology platform for buyers of advertising, supports Ads.txt, the new open standard and technical specification for increasing transparency across the digital programmatic ecosystem, announced today by the IAB Tech Lab.

Through the ads.txt initiative, the IAB Tech Lab is encouraging publishers to publically declare select companies who are authorized to sell their digital inventory. With a goal of improving transparency in the programmatic supply chain, the ads.txt initiative enables buyers to easily identify authorized digital sellers and confidently buy authentic publisher inventory. This program will help eliminate any financial incentive from selling counterfeit and misrepresented media.

The Trade Desk supports this initiative and welcomes the opportunity to clean up the adtech ecosystem. As buyers, it is essential to understand who is authorized to sell authentic, premium inventory to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality inventory. The ads.txt standard will act as a catalyst for eradicating publishers who falsify traffic sources.

"Ads.txt is obviously a good thing for real premium publishers, but it is also great for advertisers," said Jeff Green, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Trade Desk. "This is an incremental step to increase quality in web advertising. I love that the implementation is technologically simple because its success will depend on all the big, premium publishers adopting it and adopting in unison. If this becomes ubiquitous, everyone except for bad actors will benefit. I am encouraging publishers to implement this simple file by extending a commitment -- if you implement it, we're more likely to buy your inventory. I see no reason why a premium publisher wouldn't implement this."

Dave Pickles, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of The Trade Desk added, "At The Trade Desk, our technology evaluates millions of opportunities every second and we go to great lengths to avoid low quality traffic so that we can focus our client's spend on impressions that have a very high likelihood of driving results. Anything that creates certainty around what is good, or is not, is helpful. I want publishers to know that if they implement this, our technology will consume the information they publish."

「バイサイド、セルサイド、エクスチェンジサイドの異なるタイプのプレイヤーと、ともに仕事ができることを非常にうれしく思っています。業界のみなさんにAds.txtの採用をお勧めします」と、The Trade Deskの最高顧客責任者であるBrian Stempeckは述べます。

「弊社は、あらゆる規模やタイプのSSPやアドエクスチェンジと提携しています。規模には依存しませんが、質には依存します」と、The Trade Deskのインベントリー担当バイス・プレジデントのTim Simsは述べています。「Ads.txtが質を向上させます。信頼できる業界メンバーと共に、今回のこのプログラムが私達に与える恩恵は大きいものがあります。質の向上に注力することは、デジタル広告を成長させるための最も重要な一手です。」

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