April 6, 2020

The Trade Desk Provides Free and Open Access to Industry-Leading Digital Marketing Courseware for the First Time

Ventura, CA – April 6, 2020 – The Trade Desk (NASDAQ:TTD) today announced that it has revamped its industry-leading digital advertising courseware and certification platform, and is making it available free of charge for the first time until the end of 2020. In addition, the learning platform will be open to all users, from advertising industry professionals to those looking to build the required skills to enter the field.

The Trade Desk Edge Academy provides online training in all aspects of digital and data-driven advertising, including emerging fields such as Connected TV. Upon completion of specific courses, participants receive valuable professional certifications. The revamped platform will be open to digital marketing professionals and anyone looking to enter the industry.

“During this time of market uncertainty, marketers are prioritizing ad opportunities that are measurable and comparable. This accelerated focus on data-driven decisioning is putting immediate pressure on skills development across the advertising industry,” said Jeff Green, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, The Trade Desk. “Our revamped training platform will help meet this demand for new skills and certifications. And making these courses available at no cost will provide anyone looking to use this opportunity to break into the one of world’s fastest-growing industries with the most contemporary skills.”

Originally launched in 2013, The Trade Desk Edge Academy has been revised to account for the rapid pace of change in digital advertising. As advertisers embrace new channels, such as audio, video and Connected TV, they need to build the skills to plan, execute, trade and measure in an increasingly real-time, multi-channel digital marketing environment. The revised learning platform includes vital courseware in areas such as digital marketing foundations; data-driven planning and measurement; forecasting and optimization; and data and inventory, across all marketing channels.

The courseware includes explanatory videos, case studies, surveys, tests, and assessments, along with ongoing access to community best practices and professional troubleshooting. Upon successful completion of all courseware and exams, participants receive valuable professional certifications in three key areas: Marketing Foundations; Trading Essentials, and Data-Driven Planning.

Prior to this revamp, more than 11,000 professionals received professional certifications from The Trade Desk Edge Academy, as the digital advertising industry places a priority on contemporary training and credentials in addition to traditional education. In addition, a range of leading advertising agencies, brands and universities have partnered with The Trade Desk to make these courses and certifications available to their professionals, members and students.

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