November 3, 2020

The Trade Desk Adds Nielsen To Unified ID 2.0 Initiative as Advertisers Seek Upgrade to Cookies

LOS ANGELES – November 2, 2020 (BusinessWire) – The Trade Desk (Nasdaq: TTD) today announced that Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) is supporting the industry-wide initiative to develop and deploy Unified ID 2.0. With initial development led by The Trade Desk, Unified ID 2.0 is a new industry-wide approach to internet identity that preserves the value of relevant advertising, while putting user control and privacy at the forefront. The ID is an upgrade and an alternative to third-party cookies.

Powered by a secured technology that encrypts and hashes a consumer’s email address for their protection, the solution will be open source, interoperable and non-commercial. Unified ID 2.0 will be governed by an independent group to preserve neutrality. Key elements of Unified ID 2.0 include:

  • A simplified consent framework for publishers – explaining the value exchange of relevant advertising for consumers, and providing greater control for publishers
  • Encrypted identification – a major upgrade over current cookie technology, that will include a hashed and encrypted ID with improved accountability measures, as well as third-party audit controls
  • Simple and transparent consumer controls, with the ability to manage participation
  • Single sign on capabilities across the open internet – so consumers don’t have to consent repeatedly

“Nielsen represents the gold standard in media data and measurement. Their support of Unified ID 2.0 is a significant step in advancing the value of the open internet,” said Jeff Green, CEO of The Trade Desk. “As consumers embrace connected devices more than ever and TV becomes fully digitized, advertisers are looking for a new approach to identity that helps them measure across platforms in a way that puts the consumer in control. With industry-wide collaboration, Unified ID 2.0 accomplishes these objectives while preserving the value exchange of relevant advertising.”

Unlike cookies, Unified ID 2.0 will operate across advertising channels. Advertisers will now be able to understand campaign performance across streaming TV, browsers, mobile, audio, TV apps and devices with a single ID, creating a stronger environment for precision and measurement. This is critical as marketers and publishers look to understand their audience across platforms in a simple way.

“The TV and digital worlds are colliding - to provide the market with cross-media measurement that actually drives transactions, the industry needs to align on a common way to share and protect data,” said David Kenny, CEO at Nielsen. “At Nielsen, our approach to cross-media measurement requires an approach that puts consumer privacy at the core. We believe an open source model promotes inclusivity and transparency, which are critical factors in gaining industry adoption. We support The Trade Desk in developing the industry-leading Unified ID 2.0 approach to help drive industry alignment and market efficiency with consumer transparency.”

For more information on the current state of the Unified ID 2.0, please visit the Unified ID solution site.

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