February 11, 2019

TelariaがThe Trade DeskのUnified IDソリューションを提供

ニューヨーク & LOS ANGELES – February 11, 2019 – Telaria (NYSE:TLRA), a software platform to manage video advertising for premium publishers, will offer The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution to its demand partners as part of an effort to increase efficiencies across the ecosystem by reducing the number of cookie syncs necessary.

共通システムの創造を目指して、The Trade DeskのUnified IDソリューションでは、共通の統合IDをサプライチェーン全体(SSP、DSP、DMP、データプロバイダー)に無償で提供することでマッチ率を向上させ、より消費者に合った広告配信を可能にします。それによってブランドや広告主はオーディエンスをよりよく理解し、デジタルエコシステム全体でキャンペーン戦略をスケーリングできます。

Katie Evans, COO, Telaria said, "The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution helps address an important need in the industry, the standardization of cookie IDs and the need to minimize some of the complexity in the digital advertising ecosystem by coalescing around a few key solutions. We are excited to partner with The Trade Desk to help confront a key identifier inefficiency, and in the process create a more addressable and scalable video ecosystem which enables buyers and sellers to transact in an increasingly friction-free environment."

“We are thrilled that Telaria has implemented the unified ID solution on their platform,” said Brian Stempeck, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk. “We believe aligning around common industry standards can have a huge impact on improving match rates and making audience buying more effective.”

About Telaria

Telaria, Inc. (NYSE: TLRA), is a complete software platform to manage premium video advertising. We engineer the most robust suite of analytics, automated decisioning, and integrated programmatic and direct monetization tools in the industry. Global publishers require total command of their business; Telaria's independent solution empowers unbiased decisions for the best revenue outcomes. Telaria operates out of 13 offices worldwide across North America, EMEA, LATAM and APAC.

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