December 19, 2018

PubMaticがThe Trade DeskのUnified IDソリューションを採用

LOS ANGELES – December 19, 2018 (BusinessWire) – Independent advertising technology platform PubMatic formally announced that it has integrated The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution onto its sell-side platform. Together, these two programmatic advertising leaders aim to improve the impact and effectiveness of addressable audience reach. This is made possible by The Trade Desk offering its extensive, global cookie footprint at no cost to the digital advertising industry at large.

Adoption of the free unified ID solution allows all parties across the supply chain (SSPs, DSPs, DMPs and data providers) to utilize The Trade Desk’s cookie footprint to increase their own cookie coverage across the global independent internet.In addition, the unified ID solution allows for much stronger match rates across all parties involved.

“The size and scale of the open Internet makes tools like The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution necessary for more effective marketing at a global scale,” said Amar Goel, Founder and Chief Growth Officer, PubMatic. “The supply-side will play a crucial role in increasing adoption, and identity resolution is a win-win for our entire industry to drive higher yield for publishers, improve the independent internet and challenge the walled gardens.”

“PubMatic is a leader in the programmatic supply landscape and we are thrilled that they were early implementers of the unified ID solution,” said Brian Stempeck, Chief Client Officer, The Trade Desk. “We decided to launch this initiative as a way to offer our industry a simple, free solution to a very solvable problem that improves the open internet. Widespread adoption of the unified ID solution helps digital advertising become even more effective.”

PubMatic について

PubMatic is a publisher-focused sell-side platform for an open digital media future. Featuring leading omni-channel revenue automation technology for publishers and enterprise-grade programmatic tools for media buyers, PubMatic’s publisher-first approach enables advertisers to access premium inventory at scale. Processing over 12 trillion advertiser bids per month, PubMatic has created a global infrastructure to drive publisher monetization and control over their ad inventory. Since 2006, PubMatic’s focus on data and technology innovation has fueled the rise of the programmatic industry as a whole. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, PubMatic operates 13 offices and six data centers worldwide.

PubMaticはPubMatic, Inc.の登録商標です。その他の商標はそれぞれの所有者の財産です。

The Trade Desk, Inc. について

The Trade Deskは広告バイヤーを支援するテクノロジー企業です。広告バイヤーはThe Trade Deskのセルフサービス型クラウドベースのプラットフォームを使用し、PC、モバイル、コネクテッドTVなどのデバイス上で、ディスプレイ、動画、オーディオ、ネイティブ、ソーシャルといった広告フォーマット全般にわたってより表現力のあるデータドリブンなデジタル広告キャンペーンを作成、管理、最適化することができます。主要なデータパートナー、インベントリーパートナー、パブリッシャーパートナーと統合することでリーチと運用効率を確実に最大化し、エンタープライズAPIによりプラットフォームのカスタマイズが可能になります。The Trade Deskは米国カリフォルニア州ベンチュラに本社を置き、米国、欧州、アジアにオフィスを構えています。詳細については、thetradedesk.comをご覧になるか、弊社のFacebookTwitter、LinkedInアカウントをフォローしてください。