November 20, 2019

NCSとThe Trade Desk、デマンドサイドプラットフォーム(DSP)にキャンペーン中の最適化を可能にする新サービスをマーケターに提供することを発表

NEW YORK – NOVEMBER 20, 2019, NCS, the leading company for improving advertising effectiveness for the entire CPG ecosystem, today announced its ground-breaking in-flight optimization solution–Sales Lift Metrics– will be made available to advertisers through The Trade Desk demand-side platform (DSP). The product will soon be offered to select advertisers and will be made generally available in the near future.

The Trade Desk is the first platform to integrate both of NCS’s Optimize Solutions - Sales Lift Metrics and Purchase Data Metrics - into their user interface. The Trade Desk and the advertisers they represent now have the unprecedented ability to dial-up or dial-down campaign tactical components using causal sales lift metrics. This is a powerful lever to amplify incremental sales outcomes.

Using advanced machine learning methodologies, Sales Lift Metrics allows marketers to use weekly incremental sales metrics to optimize campaign results while still in-flight. The optimization solution provides sales effectiveness information about tactics, including audience targets, media placements, creative messaging and ad formats. Advertisers can use Sales Lift Metrics to determine if their Creative A is performing better than their Creative B, and make changes accordingly to drive better outcomes. Alternatively, they can use SLM to determine if Media A is performing better than Media B for a given audience target.

"We are excited to use NCS Sales Lift Metrics to improve in-flight optimization of ad placements on The Trade Desk to power better outcomes for our clients,” commented Josh Bock, EVP, managing partner from UM. “The ability to attribute which ad placements affect sales performance allows us to be more competitive and effective with our advertising. Sales Lift Metrics now enable us to make quick adjustments while campaigns are in-flight to maximize the sales lift of a campaign.”

“The ability to plan, manage and execute campaigns that are directly tied to sales metrics is top of mind for our clients,” said Brian Stempeck, Chief Strategy Officer, The Trade Desk. “Now, we are able to give buyers and traders the ability to optimize their campaigns with analytical sales metrics, a first in the industry. Clients can expect fast, accurate sales lift metrics that enable effective decision-making while a campaign is in-flight. This integration with NCS allows our clients to have an unparalleled opportunity to continuously improve advertising performance.”

“This solves one of the most persistent problems that CPG advertisers have long struggled with,” says Lance Brothers, Chief Revenue Officer, NCS. “No matter what platform they’re using for their ad buy, they need to act quickly and make changes to campaigns mid-flight. The pressure to maximize outcomes is intense, but Sales Lift Metrics allows agencies and advertisers to now adjust tactics in near real-time, while in-flight. That’s a powerful advantage to amplify incremental sales.”

Sales Lift Metrics are a part of the Optimization Solutions Suite offered by NCS, which also includes NCS Purchase Data Metrics. An automated API tool designed for publishers, Purchase Data Metrics delivers total sales metrics for households exposed to your campaign tactics. Clients can use the trends found in the rate of total sales for these households over time to optimize allocation across campaign tactics. The NCS Optimization Solutions Suite enables NCS clients to use in-flight sales data as fast-moving KPIs for today’s digital marketplace.

The introduction of NCS’s Sales Lift Metrics marks another innovation in a continuing series of next-generation ad effectiveness solutions. To learn more about NCS and its insights about How Advertising Works visit our website.


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