Mike Fogarty, Director of Business Development

July 22, 2016

Mike Fogarty
Position: Director, Business Development
Time at The Trade Desk: 1 year, 6 months
Dogs or Cats? Dogs, 100 percent
We’re shooting you into space. What do you bring? Doughnuts, Computer, and my fiancé, Judy

You came over from Google? What made you decide to join The Trade Desk?
I think the first reason was that it was the right cultural fit for me. Google was good to me and certainly had the allure, but I wanted something that was smaller, more of a startup feel, like my original job at Efficient Frontier.

And how is it more like a start up?
To start, it’s a very open floor plan, which I think encourages collaboration. You don't work with a static account manager or trader, but rather a hodgepodge of different groups. The people who work here are very scrappy, that’s for sure. Most importantly, I’ve never seen an organization that believes so profoundly in their leader. We're all in and we work to help bring Jeff's vision to life. It is a thing of beauty.

Sometimes with startups, it can really take up your whole life. What kind of hours do you keep? 
I've actually been working more on weekends lately. That's fine, I signed up for it and I own it. As you can imagine, with political season upon us, there are many spontaneous advocacy issues and things that happen at any given moment. You never know when your phone might ring. So, weekend work happens occasionally, but not too often.

During the week, if I want to go work out at 6:00pm, I'll get back at 7:30 and look at emails and check my phone. If there is anything that is pressing that requires immediate attention, obviously, I address it. At the same time, I do prioritize my work-life balance. I like to spend time with my fiancé and our new French Bulldog puppy Zoe, so if things can wait, they certainly do. There is a level of respect here at The Trade Desk that as long as you get your work done and contribute, you can take the necessary time to take care of yourself. Just don’t abuse that power. 

What didn’t you expect from the job?
Honestly, the exponential growth rate of this company. I joined in January of 2015 and I think there were between 180 and 190 employees. Eighteen months later, I'm fairly certain we're north of 400. 

Coming into this, I knew that it was a hot company and it was a great opportunity, but I completely underestimated the beltway ahead. That is a pleasant surprise, of course. It definitely makes the job exciting because I’m now responsible for selling a lot more than I was a year and a half ago. 

You also really have to know the world that we operate in, in terms of the digital programmatic ecosystem. There's more responsibility at the agencies, because you're brokering relationships into different teams, either a TV team or a radio team or something more traditional to bridge the gap between the two. It's been fun, but it's definitely been a fast rollercoaster ride. 

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