Carolina Barragan, Inventory Director

October 18, 2017

Name: Carolina Barragan (New York)

Position: Inventory Director

What is something that you could give a 20-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation? Having spent the majority of my professional career working on the publisher end of the business, I am very comfortable speaking to both the challenges publishers face as well as the value they provide to advertisers. But, if all else fails, I can certainly rant about my dog for more than 20 minutes.

Who is your go-to-band or artist for karaoke?

I find that any Michael Jackson song is always a hit. “Beat It” is usually a good one to kick things off.

Describe what makes the inventory team an essential piece of The Trade Desk’s organization.

The inventory team plays a unique role in that it is our responsibility to ensure that The Trade Desk has access to any inventory desired by our clients. Our team evaluates and oversees direct integrations with partners and help troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

What are the major rewards of being in the Inventory Director position?

As an Inventory Director, one has the privilege of working with most, if not all, departments at The Trade Desk. This position has enabled me to build both personal and professional relationships with team members throughout the company and around the world. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to learn a substantial amount regarding topics that I would otherwise not have been exposed to had I been working somewhere else.

Would you describe the group of people who work at The Trade Desk as diverse? If so, how?

People at The Trade Desk are certainly diverse. Because The Trade Desk is a company comprised of intelligent and interesting individuals who are always willing to share their experiences, I have the pleasure of learning more about my co-workers and their talents and hobbies on a weekly, if not daily, basis.