July 20, 2016

Wall Street Journal "Spotify Rolls Out Programmatic Ad Buying" - Matthias Verbergt


Matthias Verbergt


ストックホルム—スウェーデンの音楽ストリーミング会社Spotify ABは水曜日、すべての市場に向けたプログラマティック広告バイイングを開始、広告主がリアルタイムで年齢、性別、ジャンル、プレイリストによって7,000万人の無課金ユーザーをターゲットにすることができます。

Spotify said it is joining with online-advertising technology companies AppNexus, Rubicon Project and The Trade Desk to offer ad buyers an online bidding environment with access to Spotify’s data on its users’ listening habits and demographics, including age, gender, location and language.


Spotify’s move comes as it is attempting to raise its advertising revenue, facing increasing competition from Apple Inc.’s streaming service, Apple Music, which launched little over a year ago but already boasts 15 million paying subscribers, compared with Spotify’s 30 million.

Appleが有料のサブスクリプションのみを提供していますが、Spotifyは曲と曲の間に15 ~ 30秒の広告を流す無料サービスを7,000万人に提供しています。AppleとSpotifyの両方が$10を有料のサブスクリプションに課しています。

Stockholm-based Spotify nearly doubled its revenue in 2015 to €1.95 billion ($2.15 billion), but nearly 90% of that came from paid subscriptions and only €195.8 million from advertising. Spotify reported a 2015 net loss of €173.1 million.