July 20, 2016

The Drum "Spotify Bolsters Programmatic Offering as it Strikes Deals with Rubicon Project, AppNexus and The Trade Desk" - Rebecca Stewart


Rebecca Stewart

Spotifyは、そのオーディオのインベントリを開放し、誰もが待ち望んだオーディオスロットを自動化するためRubicon Project、AppNexus、The Trade Deskと取引関係を結ぶことによって、そのプログラマティック製品について真剣になっています。

Spotify has made no secret of its desire to be the dominant seller of automated audio inventory, having already outlined its intent to make all its media available this way within the next five years. Previously, only display and video inventory was able to be bought this way, with the new partnerships marking the first time programmatic has been brought to Spotify’s digital in-app audio through private marketplaces (PMPs).


The streaming giant is investing in ad tech to ensure that it’s popular Spotify free service remains open for users, and to ensure it doesn’t lose its grip on the market in light of competition for subscribers from Apple Music and Tidal.



「AppNexusはプログラマティックオーディオまで拡大するに当たり、Spotifyの重要なパートナーとなることに興奮しています」と、AppNexusの社長マイケル・ルベンスタイン氏は言います。Rubicon Projectのチーフ・レベニュー・オフィサーであるハリー・パッツ氏は業界で初めてSpotifyとの提携を「興奮した」と述べました。


Spotify first rolled out its wider PMP programmatic ad offering in November 2015 after some experimentation, claiming that its ads offered vastly increased levels of transparency to brands because campaigns couldn't appear "below the fold".