April 26, 2016

Beet.TV "OTT Most Exciting Part of Programmatic TV" - Robert Andrews


Robert Andrews

セビリア — 数十のアドテクベンダーが700億ドルを超える米国のテレビ広告業界の周りに、まるで蜜に群がる蜂のように集まっています。彼らは約束されたプログラマティックの将来に向かうテレビの旅路において、広告購入のわずかなかけらであっても利用したいと望んでいるのです。

But we’re not there yet. That’s why, when Tim Sims imagines the spectrum of things people mean when they say “programmatic TV”, he’s living in the here and now.

“Some of the more exciting things in the near-term on programmatic television are on the left (OTT) side of that spectrum,” The Trade Desk's inventory partnerships VP tells Beet.TV in this video interview.


“In the OTT and streaming space, it’s much more similar to what we do today. More and more people are starting to migrate toward that method of consuming content."

The Trade Desk is a buy-side vendor of data management platform and other tools. After display and video, Sims sees audio, native ads and, soon, out-of-home ads also benefitting from programmatic ad-buying automation.

このインタビューは I-com Global Forum for Marketing and Data Measurement in Seville, Spain, April 18 to 21. This video is part of a series from the Forum sponsored by Xaxis. Please visit this page for more videos from Seville.