Our Next Step in Marketplace Quality: SIVT Credits

September 25, 2017

We recently announced our groundbreaking deal with White Ops to block fraudulent impressions before they’re purchased, as well as our support of the Ads.txt industry initiative. Today we’re excited to announce our SIVT Credit Program, the next phase in our efforts to eliminate fraud.

With the October 1st launch of this program across our platform, we want to create a mechanism to pass through certain credits from sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) to our clients in a seamless way. Our goal is to avoid some of the operational overhead typically involved with credits and claw backs.

We’ve outlined our program below.

SIVT Credit Program Overview

On October 1, 2017, The Trade Desk will roll out an automated SIVT Credit Program that will issue credits to clients for the purchase of verified fraudulent impressions, as described below.

The SIVT Credit Program credits and calculation are as follows:

  • Consolidated Credits – The Trade Desk will issue partners a consolidated credit memo 45 days following the end of each quarter. That credit is derived from the combination of:
    • Proactive credits as reported by SSP proprietary fraud prevention programs (such as AdX and Index Exchange)
    • Proactive credits resulting from the Trade Desk’s own Marketplace Quality team’s ongoing efforts to identify SIVT that have been approved and paid by the relevant SSP(s)
    • Client initiated claw backs that are verified by an MRC accredited Ad Centric SIVT/Filtration third-party solution (such as IAS and DoubleVerify), approved and paid by the relevant SSP(s), and for which the client has provided all relevant reporting within 30 days of the SIVT incident.
  • Automated Calculation – Collecting credit on fraudulent impressions will no longer be a manual, ad hoc process for clients. Credits will seamlessly be calculated and applied to each partner’s account reducing any additional work previously required by agencies to administer one-off credits.
  • Credit Issuance – After the end of each calendar quarter, credit will be issued to a customer’s account for months in the quarter which the Consolidated Credits exceeded $100.

We may revisit and update these terms from time to time.

The Trade Desk remains committed to blocking non-human impressions at the front door and will continue to implement complementary programs to protect our clients and enforce a transparent and trusted supply chain.