August 23, 2016

Header Bidding: Fast facts

私はヘッダー入札について、クライアントやパートナーからたくさんの質問を受けます: それは何ですか?私たちはそれをやっていますか?それはどのような付加価値があるのですか?

To summarize: Header bidding is enabled when a publisher places code, provided in most cases by a supply-side partner (SSP), in the page header. This code activates a request for bids from all demand-side platforms (DSP) before calling the publisher’s ad server.  Think about it as a “pre-auction.”

この実行およびその背後にある一部の哲学は、サプライサイドの決定がほとんどのパブリッシャーの広告配信システムで起こる方法で、非効率に対応するものです。 しかし、私たちは可能性を最大限に実現するためにやるべき仕事があります。

Core benefit: Header bidding creates a more unified auction for each impression, through which direct demand competes more readily alongside auction-based demand.  The theory being: more competition is better for everyone.

What is the waterfall?: Sell-side decisions are typically made in sequence: Do this, then do that.  This is the “waterfall.”  Header bidding increases competition for each impression, opening up a more effective avenue for auction-based bids to participate higher up in the food chain.


·      Depending on the publisher’s implementation, programmatic buyers can effectively climb to the top of the waterfall and compete alongside direct demand with their auction-based bids. 

·      Moves industry towards unified auction.

·      Improves buyers’ ability to forecast available inventory.

·      Enables buyers to compete for every single impression.

·      For sellers, header bidding leads to increased competition for sellers, improving yield.

·      Publishers benefit from higher CPMS, advertisers gain access to more inventory.


·      Because it’s up to the publisher to implement, an early argument against header bidding was that it was too complex to code and keep organized. 

·      Header bidding wrappers quickly emerged to help publishers standardize, reduce the workload on a publisher’s ad ops team, and bring SSPs more easily into the fold as a partner.

·      On the buy side is that there is no differentiation between header-enabled requests and open-market requests.  The lack of a signal to the buyer creates challenges for DSPs to effectively value those impressions.

いつものように、マーケットプレイスは軌道修正を迫られそうです。上記の課題が存在し続け、新たな障害物が出現するからです。ヘッダー入札は、バイヤーが供給されるすべてのクラスにアクセスでき、セラーが収益を最大化でき、誰もがそれぞれのインプレッションのために真に競争できるようになる、完全に透明性のあるマーケットプレイスという、プログラマティック広告の望まれる最終状態へ近寄る第一歩です。 他の障害がおそらく出てくるでしょうが、広告配置の大部分は最終的にオークションを通して取引されます。